The Undefeated Trio of Horse Racing

The world of equine racing always highlights its favorites with special awards. There are equines awarded the title of the best of their breed, some are recognized as the horse of the year and naturally, bets on such horses are more likely to be successful. But the most revered caste among racing fans is the “undefeated” equines who have not suffered a single defeat in their entire career. We will tell you about the three most prominent representatives of this category. By following their history, you may notice which equine traits are critical to their success, which will help you choose the best horse to place your bet on.

Legendary Kincsem

This mare is the most outstanding and popular in the history of modern racing. Kincsem (which means “my treasure” in Hungarian) was born on March 17, 1874, in Hungary in order to later become the national treasure of the whole country.
She was a thoroughbred English racehorse with a good pedigree but initially did not show any hope for a successful sporting future. As a foal, she seemed clumsy and too lethargic compared to other equines. Her breeder, Ernst von Blaskowitz, even tried to sell her, but no one wanted to buy such an unsightly-looking foal.
At the age of two, Kincsem began to take part in equine racing and has not been defeated since. She has 54 runs and 54 wins. This is an absolute record in the world of equine racing. During her career, Kincsem brought in about 200,000 forents to her breeder, which is equal to about 3 million euros today. This is really a treasure from the world of equine racing and betting.
Not having lived one day before her 14th birthday, Kincsem died. The day of her death became official mourning throughout Hungary.
She gave birth to five foals, who became a worthy continuation of their mother and successfully performed at the races. In honor of Kincsem, a hippodrome and a museum were opened in the city of Budapest. There was even a film released in honor of her in 2017. The success of the Kincsem is also noted in the Guinness Book of Records.

Australian Mare Black Caviar

The next invincible champion is a mare named Black Caviar. The foal was born in 2006. Starting her career in short-distance racing, she immediately won the love of spectators and bettors, winning one victory after another. This mare received the official title of the best horse in the world from November 2012 until the end of April 2013, which was preceded by her victory at the Ascot Festival in Britain. Where it was delivered from Australia within 30 hours. Black Caviar has 25 wins in 25 races. At the moment, unfortunately for betting enthusiasts equine no longer takes part in competitions.

Peppers Pride is a Local Legend in the United States

Peppers Pride is also a mare with 19 wins from 19 starts. The entire career of this horse was spent in New Mexico, where she was born on March 24, 2003. The mare’s owner, Joseph Allen, did not enter the equine to compete in other states where he would likely fail, thus maintaining his status as an undefeated local star. Peppers Pride won all their races under the control of the same jockey Carlos Madeira and the same coach Joel Marr.

Don’t Miss the New Rising Star

It is an amazing coincidence that all three equines are mares. It is possible that males are more lazy and clumsy. Analyze statistics on modern races while placing bets and find horses with a series of victories, perhaps they will become the next champions. Each subsequent victory makes bets on this horse more profitable. However, remember that profitability grows with risk, so carefully study the information about the equine and jockey before placing a bet.