The Most Expensive and Famous Horse Racing in the World

On any continent, there are devoted fans of horse sports and betting on it. Equine racing is most popular in Britain, Dubai, Australia, and Japan. Let’s take a closer look at the most prestigious competitions in the world of horse racing, bets on which can bring you good dividends and unforgettable emotions.

The Top-of-the-Range Horse Races on the Planet

Let’s look at the most upscale races that are held today.
Pegasus World Cup – in 2017, this championship, which is held in Florida on the territory racetrack at the Gulfstream Park. The prize fund is usually around $18 million, half of which goes to the champion. The entry fee to participate in the equine competition of this tournament is $1 million.
The Dubai World Cup is the strongest contender for the title of the most luxury equestrian competition. This event is usually held every year since 1996 at the Racecourse in Meydan in the United Arab Emirates. The average prize pool is around $13 million.
The Everest is one of the youngest and upscale equestrian events all over the globe. The average reward pool is $13 million. Held annually in Australia. There is a big scandal associated with this competition. To advertise this competition, the organizers decided to make a light projection on the Sydney Opera House, which indicates the ambition and richness of this championship. Over 20,000 Sydney residents have signed a petition to have the ad removed. In any case, the popularity of this championship is only increasing.

Most Exclusive Tournaments

After we have looked at the most expensive competitions, let’s take a look at the most exclusive competitions that have a rich history and attract many celebrities, which plays into our hands, as bookmakers willingly provide their services to bet on such events at good odds.
The Derby which is held in Kentucky is among the oldest equine contests around the globe. They have been held since 1875 every first Saturday in May at the raceway, which is located in Kentucky. The reward fund is not too impressive and averages around $3 million, but these competitions are very popular among bettors and this event can attract up to $100 million in bets during the competitive season.

Royal Ascot is the most titled and oldest championship. This competition was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne herself. According to a centuries-old tradition, the start of the race is opened by the Queen of Britain herself. In addition to sports and betting, this event is extremely popular among the elite of show business. The race lasts 25 days and attracts hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the globe.
Epsom Derby – held for 5 days in the suburbs of London. The famous day is June 7th. On this day, even the British Parliament takes a day off to watch this event.

Japan Cup – The Japanese are just crazy about horse racing and have a lot of love for betting on this sport. The annual Japan Cup has been held since 1981 in the very center of Tokyo on a grassy racetrack. The prize pool is usually $5 million, which is a disproportionate amount of money compared to its British competitors, which is a testament to the popularity of equine competitions among the Japanese.

Choose a Competition to Your Liking and Take Your First Step Towards Victory!

The main goal for any horse racing bettor is to find the type of contest on which they will bet with pleasure, interest, and profit. I hope our list will help you with this. Experiment with betting on different championships to see which one is best for you.