Horse Racing Betting Basics

The world of sports betting offers us a huge variety. With the help of the Internet, anyone can bet on a huge number of events around the world at any convenient time and win. Many players appreciate the excitement and spirit of competition that has stood the test of time, relying on the experience of previous generations. Equine racing is perfect for such players. Let’s take a closer look at the history of this type of betting and what advantages it provides.

Horse racing history

One of the first animals domesticated by man was the horse. Since then, horses have been widely used for cargo transportation, travel, agriculture, and of course for racing championships, since it is natural for a human to constantly compete with each other. Even in ancient Rome, there were horse races in chariots.
The official history of equine racing betting antedates to the reign of King James I in the 1600s. Since then, betting on equine lopes has gained more and more new fans. For many centuries in the United Kingdom and around the world, betting on equine competitions turned out to be so popular that a special building was built at each hippodrome, where they took wagers on lopes and paid out winnings. This tradition has been preserved to this day. While we don’t have to attend equine events in person to place a bet, we can place profitable equine competitions wagers online from the comfort of our homes!

By betting on equine championships, you become involved with the centuries-old history of this type of gambling and the same profitable one. in 2008, the amount of 115 billion US dollars was figured in the wagers on equine events. Not every sport can boast of such statistics!

The Development of Horse Racing from the Ancient World to the Present Day

The first mention of competitions held for jockeys dates back to 648 BC. These championships were held at the Olympiads in ancient Greece. Since then, this type of competition has spread widely across all continents. The equestrian sport reached its dawn in the 18th century thanks to King James I, who himself was a great lover of this sport and was a first-class jockey. A set of rules for competitions and their regulations were developed in Britain in the 1750s by the Jockey Club. Very quickly, equine racing became the Sport of Kings.
At the moment, equine lopes are held on all continents. Jockeys show their sportsmanship in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia, and Asia. This makes it possible to earn money on equine championships wagers anywhere in the world.

Basic Rules of Horse Racing and Their Types

There are three main types of equine racing competitions:

  • Smooth races – young foals from 2 years old participate in such competitions. The distance of such competitions varies from 1 to 3 kilometers. Wagers on such events are suitable for those who want to test their intuition because it is difficult to make an accurate forecast for young foals. Due to the complexity of forecasting, such wagers are quite profitable.
  • Barrier jumps – the length of the distance is more than 3 kilometers. Such competitions are intended for older trotters who have experience in racing. The distance of the event is equipped with special obstacles that the horse must overcome under the control of the jockey. Wagers on such championships are suitable for those players who can analyze information and make correct predictions.
  • Steeplechase – championship for the most experienced horses from 4 years old. The length of the distance is more than 7 kilometers, which is a real test of the strength and endurance of the participants. Wagering in such competitions is often risky because the length of the course and the many obstacles can cause injury to the horse and leave the turf.
  • Equine racing is not only a competition for horses but also for jockeys. To participate in the events, horses on an equal footing with their riders undergo a tough selection and hard training. Let’s look at the basic requirements for a courser and a jockey, knowing which will help you make a successful wager on the equine championship.

Equine requirements:

  1. Before the competition, the steed must be weighed, usually 15 minutes before the start of the competition.
  2. The event starts directly from the stall for each hoss. On a false start, horses start over.
  3. Strict rules for the start of the race: opening the gate, then signaling with a flag followed by an audible signal. If the rules are violated, the event starts again.
  4. The winner is the steed that touches the finish line first with its head. Often a photo finish is used to determine the winner.
  5. After the event is over, the horses are weighed. If during the event the hoss has lost more than 300 grams in weight, then its victory will be annulled.
  6. A horse is disqualified from the championship if it collides with another hoss and does not obey its jockey.

Jockey requirements:

  1. Availability of an appropriate license
  2. Mandatory weigh-in
  3. The presence of a protective helmet
  4. The uniform must match the color scheme of the owner’s team
  5. Weigh-in after the lope

The Main Types of Horse Racing Bets

Among betting enthusiasts, the most common types of wagers on equine racing are:

  • Bet on winning – you have to predict which equine will finish first. You can also make a reverse wager on a hoss that definitely won’t win.
  • Place – a wager that the steed will be in the top three.
  • Show – the player has to place a wager on which horse will finish on the score.
  • Forecast – you need to predict which two horses will come to the finish line first and in what order.
  • Treble – the same, but for three horses, which is a more complex wager and, accordingly, brings more winnings.
  • Finish – such wagers offer to make a prediction whether the steed will go the whole distance or leave the turf.

The Royal Sport that Will Not Leave you Indifferent!

As you can tell, equine competition is the undisputed leader in the betting world. With just a little bit of analysis, you can start betting on equine racing and win while enjoying the spectacle and grace of the Sport of Kings!